Ravensburger Peppa Pig Unicorn My First Floor Puzzle 16pc

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Auch der Ravensburger Peppa Pig Unicorn My First Floor Puzzle 16pc is a fantastic toy. Peppa Pig and her friends, Suzy Sheep and Zoe Zebra are having so much fun at the swimming pool. With 16 large pieces, this high-quality cardboard jigsaw puzzle is a must for all Peppa Pig fans! Developed and designed especially for toddlers, this fun-to-learn jigsaw puzzle is made from super-thick, double laminated cards. With 16 large, sturdy pieces this bright, vibrant and fun illustration is just right for the age group. This simple yet colourful puzzle is a great way of introducing key pre-school activities, such as colour identification and simple counting skills.

Ravensburger has over 50 years' worth of experience in the manufacture of puzzles. Not only do they make the best selection of puzzles, but they also pride themselves on having the highest quality. Individual pieces are stamped with such precision that a quiet "click" can be heard when one piece is inserted in the other - this phenomenon is so unique that we have given it its own name 'Softclick Technology.' Ravensburger's puzzles are made using unique punching templates and punching tools, which are hand-crafted with watchmaker precision to ensure the greatest possible accuracy and variety of the puzzle pieces.


  • Bright and colourful puzzle
  • Enthält 16 hochwertige Kartonteile in Premium-Qualität
  • Das fertige Puzzle misst 49 x 36 cm, wenn es fertig ist
  • Geeignet ab 2 Jahren
  • Hat Leinen-Finish-Druck, um Blendung auf dem Puzzlebild zu minimieren
  • Helps colour identification and simple counting skills

Altersempfehlung: 24m +

Abmessungen: 36.2 x 49.3 x 0.2cm

Aritkelnummer: RAVE0045-PeppaPigUnicorn
Barcode: 4005556050659